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Most Sincere & Caring

I've dealt with Audiologists since I was 21 years old and Dr. Riso has been the most sincere, caring person I have ever worked with. She has gone above and beyond when it comes to finding the hearing device that works best for me. It's a pleasure working with someone who takes the time, and has the knowledge to understand the frustrations of a hearing impaired person in a hearing world. Where ever she goes, I'll follow.
- Robyn G.

Competent & Professional

I wanted Dena to know how appreciative I am of her testing my hearing, pointing out and explaining my hearing loss and picking out a pair of aids for me to be able to hear again. She is competent and professional and knows her stuff, I will recommend her to all my friends who are headed my way.
- Judy Bishop • Delighted

Equipment & Skill are the Best

I have been using hearing aid services for over 30 years. It took me about 15 of those 30 years to discover that there is a big difference between those providers who have a Doctorate in Audiology and those who are simply authorized to sell hearing aids. Those selling hearing aids were interested in maximizing profits as any small business operator needs to be. But Doctors of Audiology were committed to solving their patients' problems, first and foremost. Though still important, profits were a secondary motive for those with that higher level of professional preparation. Dr. Dena Riso demonstrates the high level of professionalism in audiology that I had hoped to find when I moved to San Diego. Her knowledge, equipment and skill are the best. But, in addition, the nature of her personality makes her highly motivated to solve a patient's hearing problem. Her chief satisfaction comes from having a satisfied client. I would recommend Dr. Riso to anyone who needs hearing services; I already have recommended her to friends. Brains, equipment and motivation are what she brings to the field of hearing services.
- Daniel R Fisher, MD

What a Wonderful Experience

I received my first pair of hearing aids over twenty years ago. What a wonderful experience. I am able to hear in a movie. Most of the time in a restaurant and when we go to the symphony. I an tell the different sounds in music I use to think all music sounded the same. My experience with you was wonderful. What a wonderful professional you are.
- Shirley Broder • Housewife

Superb Audiologist

I was fortunate to learn of Dr. Dena Riso at Peninsula Hearing Center. She is a superb audiologist and a delightful person to know. I was fortunate to be told about a new hearing aid manufactured by Phonak, a Swiss hearing aid company. It is like no other I cannot praise it enough. It is so small and light you cannot tell there is anything in your ears or sitting on top of your ear lobes.
- Audrey Weiss • Retired RN

Thank You Dr. Riso!

My previous hearing aids made background noise terrible! My ears felt plugged up and I could not go out to restaurants and enjoy myself. I was unsatisfied with my hearing aids. I purchased them through a hearing aid dispenser. After Dr. Riso fit my new hearing aids, I put them to the test! 1st test: Thursday beer bar conversations could be fully heard for the first time in years. 2nd test: Grandchildren's shrill voices could be tolerated. 3rd test: Spouse's muffled voice could be fully understood. 4th test: Normal TV volume-OK. Does not require XL 40 ampliphone for conversation. Thank you Dr. Riso!
- B. Roth • Retired Aerospace Engineer

Extremely Happy

My first contact with Dr. Riso was right after she opened Peninsula hearing in June of 2010. I waited a year before I decided to get hearing aids. When I revisited my insurance for hearing aids, Dr. Dena Riso was THE contact. I was thrilled. I went back to see her this past June 2011 and now am an extremely happy user of Phonak BTE open fit aids, and, the best part is, I have an iCom! I use it for Bluetooth connection to the TV, my iPad and cellphone. It's wonderful! Dr. Riso and her staff have been most professional and exceptionally caring to me and my husband.
- L. MacFarlane

Most Wonderful Audiologist Ever

I was extremely fortunate to find Dr. Dena Riso. She is not only quite capable but I found she really cares about her patients. Her exams are thorough and complete. If anyone requires an audiologist, they will not do any better than Dr. Riso Ron Mandelbaum
- Ron Mandelbaum

Excellent Consultation

I just returned from a very informative consultation with Dr Riso. She listened to all my concerns, explained things very clearly, anticipated questions and concerns and addressed them, and put me at ease. She is very knowledgeable. I would recommend her to anyone, especially those who have been hesitant to see an audiologist.
- Neal Showstack

Best Care Ever!

I’ve been going to Peninsula Hearing since they opened 10 years ago! These people will do all they possibly can to help you hear the best you can. Also, this is a business in Point Loma! Support and get the best care ever!
- Linda M.

Very Professional

I definitely recommend getting your hearing checked at Peninsula Hearing Centre. The whole experience from first contact when making an appointment to the actual hearing test was very professional. Gemma made the test that can be quite hard work fun and a rewarding exercise! Thank you for looking after me!
- Stefanie W.


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