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The Lyric Hearing Aid

Programs and ServicesA powerful advancement in hearing aid technology!

Determining what type of hearing aid option is right for you is a challenging decision. There are many brands and styles of aids available with different benefits, features, and prices.

Dr. Riso is excited to introduce the Lyric hearing aid: the first and only extended-wear device that’s worn continuously for months at a time. Contact us
for more information.

Lyric Hearing Aids are a worry-free, completely invisible hearing solution. Lyric is the world’s first and only extended-wear hearing aid that is worn continuously for months at a time through activities such as showering, exercising and sleeping – all with no daily problems.

How does Lyric do this?

Lyric is different from other hearing aids because Lyric is comfortably placed deep in the ear canal, 4mm from the ear drum, by a Lyric trained hearing professional during a routine office visit. The comfortable, deep placement of Lyric provides many benefits, including:

Non-stop Effortless Hearing

Lyric’s unique placement deep in the ear canal means it stays there for months at a time. It can be worn through daily activities such as exercising, showering, sleeping and talking on the phone.

Lyric is the only hearing aid that can be worn continuously for months at a time, without daily insertion or removal. There are no batteries to be changed with the Lyric hearing device.

Natural Sound Quality

Since Lyric is placed deep in the ear canal, it uses the outer ear’s natural anatomy to direct sound to the device, where it’s amplified to the inner ear. Because Lyric takes advantage of the ear’s anatomy, users experience improved ability to determine where sounds are coming from.

Lyric’s technology produces natural sound quality. In fact, Most Lyric users agree that Lyric’s sound quality is very natural.

Completely Invisible

Because of the deep placement in the ear canal, Lyric hearing aids are 100% invisible.

Lyric was built by a team of ENT physicians, audiologists, and engineers

around three key concepts that hearing professionals have known for years:

• Sound quality improves with proximity to the eardrum.

• Many people with hearing loss are not satisfied with their hearing aid options.

• Many people with hearing loss want a hassle-free, invisible solution.

Lyric is comfortably placed in the ear canal by a Lyric trained hearing professional during a routine office visit, without surgery or anesthesia. Once placed, Lyric is programmed to your specific hearing needs by your Lyric audiologist or hearing professional. You can adjust the settings and volume on your Lyric devices as needed, as well as turn them on and off.

How Lyric Works

Lyric hearing aids are sold by subscription, so you purchase a year’s supply of devices at a time. Each set of Lyric hearing devices can be worn for months at a time, giving you the benefits of better hearing continuously, with no daily concerns. When you need to replace your Lyric devices, simply return to one of our audiologists for a short follow up visit, where you’ll be fit with a new set of devices. Your subscription covers any Lyric technology upgrades, which means you will have access to the most advanced Lyric hearing technology.

Note: Individual replacement needs may vary. Duration of device battery life varies by patient and is subject to individual ear conditions.

Lyric Technology Features:

• Biocompatible soft foam seals engineered to contour to the ear canal; safe to wear 24/7, months at a time.

• Proprietary mechanical and coating technology developed to protect the device from moisture and earwax.

• A proprietary battery designed to last up to 120 days eliminating the need to change and buy hearing aid batteries.

• A programmable sound processing system designed to work millimeters from the eardrum, allowing for both microphone and receiver placement in the ear canal.

• Evaluations on ages 4 and up
• Hearing screenings
• Diagnostic evaluations
• Speech/word recognition testing
• Speech in noise testing
• Middle ear analysis
• For more information, click here

• Comprehensive discussion of tinnitus and concerns
• Assessment of impact of tinnitus on daily life using a questionnaire
• Pitch matching
• Loudness level testing
• Tinnitus education / counseling
• Tinnitus therapy recommendations and referrals
• For more information, click here

• Can be performed bedside or in office
• Analyze tympanic membrane (eardrum) movement or for perforations
• Evaluate fluid in the middle ear space
• Evaluate for possible middle ear pathologies and recommend appropriate referral
• Diagnose Eustachian Tube Dysfunction

  • Observation of the outer ear, ear canal and eardrum
  • Observation for any obstructing wax or abnormalities, such as eardrum perforations, bony canal outgrowths (exotoses), or ear infections
  • Cerumen (wax) removal on eligible patients
  • Patient cannot be on blood-thinning medication
  • Performed by three different methods:
    1. Curette: a tool to manually remove cerumen
    2. Irrigation: the use of water to flush out cerumen
    3. Microsuction: use of a small vacuum to remove cerumen

• Cerumen removal
• Wax spring replacement
• Microphone and receiver tube vacuuming
• Change the tubing on a custom earmold
• Replace vent plugs on custom earmolds

• We work with all major manufacturers
• Evaluation for Cerumen impaction in hearing aid
• Objectively evaluate hearing aid using digital device analyzer equipment to see if circuitry is damaged
• Dehumidify hearing aid
• Repair small holes in custom hearing aid shells
• Reattach faceplate on the hearing aid
• Loaner hearing aid while aid is in for repair

• Educating the patient on what hearing aid is appropriate for their hearing loss, lifestyle and finances

• LACE – computer training to help the brain improve auditory memory
• Improving their conversation skills
• How to be strategic about hearing in noisy environments
• Counseling for patients, friends or family on how to understand hearing aids and their benefits
• Counseling on good communication strategies

• Custom earmolds for behind-the-ear hearing aids
• Swim plugs (that float!)
• Musician plugs (ER-9, ER-15, ER-25)
• Pilot earphones
• Noise protection plugs, some specifically designed for hunters and shooters
• iPod earplugs
• Custom music earphones (different from musician plugs)

• Education on hearing loss and tinnitus
• How to have real expectations with their hearing aids
• How can they preserve their hearing

• Testing the hearing aids while they are in the patients’ ears to get an objective view on how the hearing aids are functioning for the patient

• Our programs and services include seminars to help educate the community about Audiologists, hearing loss, hearing aids, and tinnitus

• If you are too busy to come to our office, or you are unable to leave your home, then mobile hearing care services is perfect for you.